How To Send Files Via FTP To Litho

Please use the following  FTP (File Transfer Protocol) steps to transfer projects.  If your combined files are larger than 5 MB, please call the Prepress department for assistance.  Rockford Litho's FTP folder is a "Double Blind"  folder, you can see only what you have loaded during that session, all other files are non viewable and non-transferable to others except our prepress staff.  Also once you have loaded a file you cannot remove it or download it.

Using your ISP software and Fetch:
1. Acquire a copy of, and load onto your computer, a FTP software package such as Fetch (Mac) or WS-FTP (Windows).   You will also need a file compression program to package your files for transfer.  Through trial and error we have found that  Zipit (Mac) or PK-Zip (windows) work the best with our FTP system.  Do not  use self-extracting (.sea) file formats during the FTP transfer process. To download any of the above software, click on the hot linked text.

2. Next, create a transfer folder (one folder per job) and copy the page layout document within it.  Within the same folder copy all of the construction files, all linked or placed files (photo and illustrations), the fonts used in the layout and a text document that provides Rockford Litho with your name and output instructions.  Once you have created this transfer package compress the entire folder with the zip software ( Do not  use self-extracting (.sea) file formats during the FTP transfer process).

3. Connect to the internet via your ISP (internet service provider). Once your connection is made close your viewing window and start your FTP software.

4. The FTP software will require the information to the right to make a connection to Rockford Litho's FTP folder.  Then click on the "OK" or "Connect" button.  Remember ALL line entries must be lower case text.

5. Once the connection has been established you'll have direct access to Rockford Litho's FTP folder.

6. Next, from the drop down menu "Remote" choose "Put Folders and Files".  The file transfer window will open to allow you to find your transfer folder created in step 2 above.  Select your folder in the upper left selection window and click on "Add".  The folder should appear in the lower left transfer window.  Once all of your folders (one folder per job) have been selected for transfer click on the "Done" button.  Fetch will ask what format text and other files need to be transferred in, select "Raw Data" for both types.

7. Then click on "OK" to begin the process.  Once all files have been transferred quit Fetch and reopen a new viewing page in your ISP software.  Note if there is an interruption in the transfer process the file will be un-usable or may become corrupt on our end.

8. Once you have transferred your project contact Rockford Litho via phone or e-mail
(project@rockfordlitho.com) to start prepress production of your project.  The Prepress Department checks the FTP folder three times daily - 8:00 am, 12:00 noon, 4:30 pm - to download new files.

9.  Your part is now complete!  We will confirm that your project has been successfully download via e-mail or a phone call as per your instruction.

If you have any questions...
 regarding file compression or transfer, please contact your Rockford Litho Sales Representative or our Prepress Department at (815) 963-9390 or e-mail to Prepress@rockfordlitho.com

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